IMPORTANT Notice for Subtle Difference & RealOnline clients 23rd March 2020

Both the economy and life is tumultuous at the moment and we are cognizant of the fact that in this new state of social distancing, online presence for your businesses is paramount.

Be assured we are adjusting our structures here to ensure that your businesses do stay online even though your physical workplaces most likely have changed.

Monthly Fees:

For us to continue to service you, we need to clearly communicate to you all how imperative it is that ALL monthly fees are paid by due date and in full.

We have always been very flexible and understanding of difficulties at times for our clients over the years, though please be very aware, and we cannot stress this enough, we CANNOT carry monthly fee debt and continue to keep your hosting services – and uploader feeding services for some clients – operating if these monthly fees are not paid promptly.

  • If you have any outstanding monthly fees with us at the moment, please rectify NOW to ensure your site stays live and operating.

  • If you have had to change your structures and may need some form of payment plan changes, please contact us ASAP to discuss with us and we will endeavour to assist you.

COVID-19 policies:

Many of you have actual shopfronts (or are Real Estate) and it is best practice to ensure that you have a COVID-19 policy in place on your websites to address any questions your clients may have.

All our software has a CMS component, many of you already use and can update accordingly, some may rarely access and not be familiar with this area. If you require any assistance in putting up a COVID-19 policy page specific to your business, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. We will of course not be charging for any form of simple assistance in this manner as this is a ‘public health’ issue we are happy to help you with.

Contact if you do require assistance and we will be in contact with you to discuss your specific requirements and offer suggestions to suit your particular site.

In Conclusion:

We are all going to have to be agile in the coming months and we understand things will not be business as usual. Please, just communicate with us and if we can assist you, we will always endeavour to assist you. Please also understand we can only do this if we ourselves are actually in the position to do so hence our strong stance on monthly payments.

With a bit of common sense and good clear communication, we are sure we will all get through this difficult period.

Best wishes to you all, your staff and your families

We are here to assist to your online needs